Wednesday, May 28, 2008


A friend and up-up line, Cindy, put a challenge out on her blog. She gave us a sketch and we had to come up with a card using the basics of the sketch. It is a VERY popular thing to do and really gets the creative juices flowing. Here were my two attempts at a three panel card. Mine were quick since Sunday was absolutely beautiful I could not stay inside very long.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

White out!

Did you ever play with white out? I mean the liquid kind? That was me! Addicted to all things paper and pen related - still. So here is my modern take on my high school boredom.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


This is a total CASE. (Copy And Share with Everyone) I got it from another blog and since my tags are due this month I totally thought it fit. What a great idea for a kid's B-day! Now I just have to go get the sticks and put them together and they are done.

Oh, I got this one done because I had popsicles in the frezer so I had Mak eat one so I had a reference. All in the name of art!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Tart and Tangy

I just REALLY love this set. And now that it is hanging around until the end of June I am even happier. I want to do a class where you come to my house, I have everything cut and prepped and you get to make all the cards and the cute holder. There are just two problems. I can't decide which set to make (I have two adorable options) and I need to find time. That is probably the biggest issue. Just as soon as I work out the calendaring, I will get back to you.

I can't take credit for this adorable little set, it was created by another amazing stamper but I did make it all by myself. The box is darling and the cards are a secret little cheat! More info at class.

Have a great day!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Have you ever bought something and tucked away "just in case"? Or you "think" you might need it later? I did. I bought a SU set for soccer several years ago when it was being retired. My boys at that point never even thought about soccer but I thought "one day". Guess what? I am sooooooooooooooooo cool! I bought it, tucked it away and today as I was thinking I should make thank you notes for the coaches I realized I had the perfect set! Oh yea, SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE for me! So I did the happy dance. Even better, I knew where it was and found it easily. Oh it is such a good day.

Here are a few pics of the boys playing since you asked. :) Ok, you didn't but you were going to.

And since you all were sooooooooooooooo nice and did not leave any comments or e-mails to remind me to post my stuff, I didn't. Actually, I am still working on what I thought was a very simple card. Grrrr, it is not working how I thought it would in my head so we will revisit that later. In the mean time, I had to whip this out today in the 15 minutes I had. Yup, honest it took that long becuase I had to run out the door. It is a hidden message card. Can you see how the message slides to the front when you open it? Here is the tutorial I found for it. How cool is that, she is from NH too. I left her a comment, you could too.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Guest stampers

I have been trying to find a moment to upload these pics of the G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S cards the club gals up north made me. I told you I made them presents. Well here is what I put in their little TP tubes.

I was so excited to give them away! Well they surprised me and gave me a beautiful box filled with wonderful cards they made for me. Not that I could ever really use them. :) They are just for looking and enjoying. I was soooooooooooo impressed! They are such good stampers. I am glad I did not see these before the workshop or I would have felt intimidated.

These cards were made by Jacky using a scrapping kit I don't have and now TOTALLY NEED!

Monica made several and the one on the far left has the coolest closure. Not showing you, I need to share that little trick at a workshop.

Stephanie made her own Hodegepodge and showed two totally different styles and I love love them both!

Last but certainly not least is my new downline and my very talented sister! Holy Moly! The girl got on a roll and just kept going. She is totally making me order those two sets that have been on my wish list forever. That is a good sign of a good stamper!

Well, I guess that is just about enough for the day. I have more to post another time. Some cute soccer pics, my dad with no mustache (shocker since I have NEVER seen hime withouth one in my WHOLE life) and I am working on a cool technique. It is G's B-day so I may not get to finish but look back here tomorrow or send me a comment to remind me! :)

Happy Birthday to my Sweety!

Today is Gregg's birthday! I'll be making him seafood stuffed haddock and roasted potatoes. For dessert it will be brownies alamode (Breyer's only of course). But don't ask about presents. Number one he reads this and number two, he has given us no ideas of what he wants. I'll have to go wander around his favorite stores and if I come home with a big screen he will be thrilled. No I said if, not when. :) Sorry Gregg.

So what is with the heart? That was a Mother's day gift from Carter. He told me he found it on the playground last week and since it looked like a heart, he thought of me. Then he painted it by himself. I melted!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom Rocks

I saw this commercial this week and totally loved it. The one I saw ended with two diamond solitaire earrings - my dream! This is for all you moms out there. You rock!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's not Christmas!

You would never know it if you looked in my craft room. I have been a busy little elf. I have some terrific gals I stamp with "up north" in my home town where my family all live. My sister got it all started and I came up each month to do a workshop. They are terrific gals and some have been with me nearly as long as I have been a demo. I am really going to miss our monthly get togethers. But things change and the price of gas (oh heaven's) and it means the hour and a half drive just was not working. Kate actually just became a demo so that the gals would still have their monthly outing and that worked out for everyone.

I wanted to make them little thank you gifts. This is the packaging for those gifts. I had so much fun making them. Can you believe that it is all formed around a TP tube? Actually, I am waiting for one more TP tube so I can finish the 5th TP box. Boy those rolls have a lot on them. Good thing Mak is still potty training!

You will have to wait until after Friday to see what is in them. Let's just say everyone loves jewelry. :)

And this bright happiness is a little Thank you for my sweet sister. Every month she would sort and deliver all the orders so that I did not have to make another trip up there. She took care of backorders, mess ups and whatever else happened. But don't tell her there is a little something else going in there. Shhhh!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jewelry and stamping, how fun!

I am back! Off the meds and feeling back to normal. I have had to do some catch up with house work and errands but I still managed to squeeze in some stamping. Making up some cute May workshop projects and was inspired to make these. Just earring parts from M's and jump rings. The bling is courtesy SU. Those are rhinestone brads. I will have more jewelry ideas on me at the workshop this month. Soooo fun!

Friday, May 2, 2008

100 cookies and steroids

Rumor has it that Steroids, the medically prescribed ones, make you grumpy and hungry. Let's preface that with I am not normal! :) Stop laughing! Anyway. For me, they make me jittery, edgy, and loose my appetite - so far. FINALLY, an ailment to help in the weight loss department. I so deserve that break!

My mom asked me to make a few dozen cookies for the memorial for my Wonderful Grandma on Saturday. I was happy to help. Umm, I made 100. Maybe more, I lost count. I forgot how many a batch made so I made four batches of dough and just kept going until they were done. I made chocolate chip so I would not be tempted to eat them. My favorite cookie is my mom's sugar cookie with no frosting. But I LOVE cookies, as long as there is no chocolate. And I really like chocolate chip cookies, with no chocolate chips. You know, the ones you scrape from the bottom of the bowl and there is no chocolate left so no one will eat them, I will.

so here I am with 100+ cookies, not wanting any of them and a total case of the jitters. No wonder I NEVER did any kind of drugs! :) I sooooooo need off these meds, fast before I publish any more crazy blogs!

Want a cookie?

Medicine, my love, hate relationship

A BIG thank you to everyone that called an e-mailed in concern. You guys are really wonderful. I am doing much better. A second medication with a steroid has helped tremendously. So much that I could walk to the boys first soccer practice last night.

Oh did I laugh!!! It was wonderful to see them run around and have 8 kids clustered around one ball all kicking at once. It is micro soccer so there must have been 50 or so teams with only 8 kids on each team and they all fit on one field sideways. Perfect!!! My boys made me proud - no soccer stars yet but great effort and that is all I wanted to see. :)

My family and I have been laughing about the side effects of the steroids with a hairy chest, deep voice and gaining a ton of weight but so far the only thing I have is the shakes in my hand and I actually have lost three pounds in the docs office scale. Probably from all the swelling. :) But I always feel funny on medication so while I am grateful for the relief, I am anxious to stop taking it!

I am hoping to be posting some adorable new stuff from another swap later today. Thank you so much for your patience with my lack of posting and being so personal.

Have a great day!