Thursday, July 24, 2008

Last night's workshop

Here are the goodies we made last night at our monthly club workshop. We used lots of retiring items.

I have to say, I stamp with the nicest and most lovely group of ladies! Absolutely Fantastic fun to be with!

Oh, I think I might see some sunshine out there! Sending everyone out to play!!!

Rain, Rain here to stay, seems like every single day!

A lot of people are not happy about all the rain we are having. I would like to be able to take my kids to swim lessons I paid for but it could be worse. (Although they do have them in the rain, my guys are not willing.) But... you have to make the best of it and I certainly have. Some cleaning out and organizing led to a clean desk, for the moment. Which then got my stamping mojo back in high gear. That and a workshop I have tonight.
This is also my birthday present. My mom gave me a Gift Cert at TJ Maxx (such a happy place!) and I had intended to get a dress. Well, not an easy thing to find in a modest style. One day in my hunt for a dress I walked by an end cap in the home goods area and saw several different styles and colors of these desk top organizers. You should have seen me with them all layed out on the floor trying to figure out which ones I wanted. I ended up going with the two matching ones. Even though they are a little off white they still look good in the dark (only two little lamps until my cutie gets a moment to put in an overhead light). But they look so nice and not junky. OH! That desk is a happy place!

Here is a teaser of a door prize for tonight. We are making something similar. Post those pics tomorrow. For this I thought it could hold the names and then I would give it away too as a door prize.
Stay dry and have fun stamping!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Will Gregg notice?

Stampin Up has a new line just coming out. They call it Decor Elements. Basically wall stickers. My mom used to do stencil borders around a room or put up wallpaper borders. I don't like either, don't tell her I said that. I also like white walls since I grew up with LOTS of wallpaper! Anyway. These are really pretty cool. They have words, quotes, flowers and more coming. I got this one obviously. It was super easy to put on in about 5 minutes. I did not check for level and just winged it. Gregg would be so frustrated with that. :) I am curious to see if he will notice when he gets home. With my luck he might read my blog today - hi honey!

The great part is... totally removable. So for renters or upset hubbies they can come right down. Just don't plan on being able to use them again, they are a one shot deal.

For now they come in chocolate and white with more styles and colors coming soon they said. I really like the one I got. I am a minimal decorator and more function than form - probably something to do with three kids? So this is great. I think it is a little distinct and fun with out big commitment or a lot of time. Go to the SU website to see the full brochure or ask me for one. They are pretty popular and I have recently found several at other companies and happy to report the SU pricing is better or equal to others and I like what they had to offer.

Come on over to touch and see in person, just don't expect the house to be clean or quiet!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Swimming and berries!

Yesterday was the most perfect summer day. We did swim lessons, berry picking and then swam in the pool of a kind friend in the afternoon. The kids loved it! Carter learned to swim under water, Makenna has decided she likes doing cannon balls and Owen is becoming more willing to get his face wet.

Today is the last class of swim lessons but we have signed up for another session. Keep that ball rolling. The boys swim teacher has been incredibly patient and I wanted to give her a simple thank you. It was the boys idea to give her some berries, I just made it cute. No pattern, just whipped it up. My favorite way to play. Even if the desk is still a mess. Some day but not when it is is hot and sunny! Those are berry picking and swimming days!

Hope you have a great day too!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

busy summer and more cake!

Wow this summer is flying! The family and I have been having such a great time. We have been swimming, traveling and seeing a lot of friends. It has been terrific with a lot more to come too. The kids have not said they are bored yet!

With all the family stuff going on I don't get much time to stamp. I did aquire two new desk top organizers for my desk and I am really hoping to get a moment to clean up that desk and take a picture! Way cute!

The cake above is made from white towels for a wedding gift. Very simple but beats wrapping it. :)

Well I am off to make a card to go with the cake. At least this cake only took 10 minutes! My kind of cake!

Stay cool!

Friday, July 4, 2008

All done and soooooo tired!

The pictures do not do it justice but this is HUGE cake!!! The bottom is 16 inches across, the next is 12 then the top is 8. A standard b-day cake is 8 just to give you an idea. There are 12 batches of cake mix, 3 dozen eggs, 9 batches of frosting and WAY too much fondant. Hope she is happy tomorrow!

Speaking of tired. Took this yesterday. She had a long day and I came in and found her like this it was too cute to resist!!!

Where'd she go?

I post 100 of these things then I disapear. How silly of me. Well, it is summer and I have the mommy excuse on top of that. Lots of swim lessons, kid adventures and a little cleaning out has kept me pretty busy.

The cleaning bug bit me and I have been slowly going through each room and closet. By the time I finish I will have to start over again but I am enjoying how good it feels at the moment.

Speaking of the moment, I am making a wedding cake. Pics of that later. It is a three teir cake for my sisters best friend, and my friend too. I keep saying it is the last one ever. We will see.

Not a lot of stamping going on. Hoping to stamp at some point in this great long weekend. Happy 4th of July! There are a couple of projects I want to finish but it will all depend on getting the cake done today.

Here is a little bit of stamping I did. These were little treats I made up for the sweet gals who came to my Tart and Tangy class. At the last minute I added the scallop around the water bottle neck and the belly band around the bag of goodies. I could not stop!The gals were really focused on getting things done but I thought a little salt and a little chocolate would help. They seemed to enjoy them and I had fun making them look cute!

Have a great holiday weekend with your loved ones. I am THRILLED to have Gregg home for three days and already put him to work helping me!