Wednesday, December 31, 2008

No wedding and I gave away the "friends" I made

My hubby and I had a date all planned this morning. We had a wedding to attend just outside of Boston at 10am this morning. We left plenty early with the babysitter at home with the kids. But since we were only going 35 to 40 miles an hour with the snow, we decided to turn around. It was not safe and we were not sure we would even make it on time! I was pretty bummed but happy to be home safe and out of the storm.
The bonus is I have time to blog. This is my second semi-paper craft project. Go ahead and copy, it is not my original idea but leave yourself plenty of time as each step has some drying time involved and letters are not always available. I used scrap 2x4 and cut them to size using my hubby's chop saw. It makes me nervous and I did not worry about being exact - good thing I like the uneven look! Then I stained the block (let them dry), painted letters (let them dry), Martha Stewart modgepodged them (let them dry and I love that stuff!) and then glued it all together, then they dry some more!!! Not the fastest gift but I loved the way they came out so much I made some with our name. Ummm, no those pics will have to be later. BUT that is the new SU designer paper coming in the January catty! Almost like Christmas waiting for that. Only 18 more days. Best part is I don't have to shop or wrap!I think my friend liked them even if they were after Christmas. And I have ideas for more words as soon as I see the new designer papers!

I'm headed out to watch the boys snowboard! Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm not a pure paper crafting kind of gal

Christmas is over but I am still finishing a few crafts. Not to mention I saw some new ones over the holiday that I had to try!!
Back in June I asked my hubby for a soldering kit from Simply Swank for my birthday. He wanted to get me something heavy duty from HD but I really wanted the kit with all the supplies. Well, not a whole lot of the perishable supplies came with the kit. I had to order more copper tape at the least. I did get the solder from HD for a better price and since Gregg is in the optic industry with glass, he was able to get me some with minor scratches that are not noticable to me but not good enough for them. Now I am all stocked on supplies and smokin' - literally, you should see the fumes! I have not revealed this new hobby before because I was keeping it a secret from some friends. We do a homemade ornament swap and I knew back in June I wanted to use it for that. And here is the ornament I made.

I have done a few other things to. For all the guys in my family, I made monogram keychains like this one. It is a long story but one got screwed up and now I have an extra with MT. Are those your initials? I need to give it to a good home. Leave a comment and let me know. I will send it to the first MT that responds. Guess that is pretty specific blog candy. :)

This final one is for a dear friend who is very kind to my little girl and I thought the stamp would remind her of Mak.

I'll be back tomorrow with another craft using paper, kinda. I love cards but I like projects better and using paper to do them. This one involves a 2x4 from HD, my husbands chop saw and sander and a little Martha Stewart. Curious? Welll I hope the recipient loves it!