Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mom's birthday presents

And that means MORE RED! I was sooo stoked to find just the right red fabric I wanted to make these bags for my mom. It started a couple of years ago when I made her an eye glass case that would also have an outside pocket for pencils when she was working at school. She needed a new one, that was red.
I also decided to make her a matching bag because just one little eye glass case is not enough. The fabric I got is two layers of fabric with the batting already pre-quilted between. That makes it a bit pricier but not really when you figure you are getting two fabrics and the batting. But if you use a coupon for a store, that makes it even more reasonable. The big bag has an inside and an outside pocket. No pattern just sewed the top edges over then sewed it up both sides. I made the handles by turning the edges over too. All straight line sewing, no measuring.

This is the bonus bag. I had seen on several blogs that ladies were making rag quilt purses. I used the scalloped square die for the Big Shot and cut out all the pieces. I needed 27 of them for this bag. Yes, the Big Shot cuts through the quilted fabric like buttah! then I just did straight line sewing to put it together. The cool thing is the scallop edges helped me keep everything lined up straight. I have made a quilt before and the corners did NOT match. This was way easy! Another great thing is she can reverse it if she is not a big fan of the rough edges, the inside is smooth and pretty.
Total time to make all these items was 2 1/2 hours. I was on a tight deadline so I could get them mailed and to her for her birthday.
I have just enough fabric left over to make another one and I did pick up a yard of a different fabric. If I can find the time, I'll whip them up and show them off at my Stampin' workshop Thursday if anyone wants to come to my house.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Because I LOVE HIM!!!

Valentine's Day is still two weeks away. 14 days to be exact. Or is it 13 since you don't count that day? Well, I do know today is February 1. Today I gave my sweety a little gift. I cut out 14 milk cartons using the new SU die from the occassions mini. Then I used a little gift, from that sweet guy I like, and made letters to go on the milk cartons that spelled out a little message. Of course I was cheesy and replaced the O's with hearts. It is Valentine's!! Then inside each carton are two of his favorite chocolates, Recees peanut butter hearts and Dove caramel's. I also wrote a note for each day with a different reason why I love him. 14 days to tell him I love him. It was not expensive, it's not even that fancy (I stapled the tops with the ribbon so they were easy to open and not destroy) but I hope he will smile every day when he reads my notes and eats a sweet and knows that he is the BEST GUY IN THE WHOLE WORLD AND I LOVE HIM WITH ALL OF MY HEART!!! Even if it is cheesy. :)