Monday, August 25, 2008

New neighbors?

We tried to go meet the new neighbors last night. We made Banana nut muffins and they were even still warm when we went over. And I made this card so they could remember our names. But no one was home so we just left our treats and hope that they will find them before the critters do.

Do you remeber my wall decor that I put up a while back and it says "family"? Well I was still uncertain how I felt about it but I have gotten several good comments on it and wanted to know where I got it, they love it! Even a guy friend of my husband (these are manly men NOT into deocrating) mentioned that he was impressed it was straight and it looked nice. Well ladies, if that was not a glowing endorsement, I don't know what is. If I can get a manly man to like it, must be a great thing! Try one ,they are soooo easy! Even I got mine straight and I am blonde!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Stinkin' Cute" she says!

I think I might of mentioned my love of bags before. I love a bargain even more. Well, combine the two, a little crafting and I am a happy little camper. My sweet husband gave me some alone time at Michael's last night. Have not been in a while so I wandered around and of course checked out the clearance area. I found these cute canvas base of a bag with no handles that you can decorate yourself and add the handles you want. Then of course I wandered over and found the handles and found heavy duty wire ones on clearance as well and that is when I had a great idea. I bought a bucket of cheap glass beads and put them on the handle. Actually, Makenna had to help me, she insisted I needed her help. The beads don't match but i love the eclectic look! When I finished and held it up Makenna declared in a loud voice, "Stinkin' cute Momma!" Oh my, the child has spent too much time with her mother! But I totally agree.

The best part is I can change the handle, change the beads and make it all different! Gregg says I look a little silly carrying it around the house as I clean today. :)

Oh and yes, it is heavy but who cares, it is stinkin' cute!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What? Stamping?

I needed thank you cards for the VERY patient and VERY kind swim instructors the boys had this summer. And of course I had to whip out the kiddo stamps. I love these. Then I made homemade dry cocoa mix and put it in a mason jar that I decorated. (sorry, forgot that picture) Why hot cocoa for swim instructors? Well, it was a VERY cold and rainy summer and those poor guys FROZE in the pool. Thought they could warm up with this. Topped the jars off with mini marshmallows and chocolate chunks. Hope it was good, I was not taste testing! YUCK!


Remeber those three kids and cute husband I am always talking about? Turns out those three kids keep me pretty busy when they are all home in the summer. And it turns out I still like spending time with that cute guy I married. All that does not leave a lot of stamping time this summer. Honest, I am not holding back, I have barely stamped. Instead we have been incredibly busy. We have had LOTS of fantastic visits from friends, trips to fun places and tons of fun with family!

So do I have ANYTHING stamping related? This was a card I made for a swap I went to. It uses one of the new hostess sets we can get in the catalog.

Then of course. There was the Stampin Up! convention in Salt Lake, no I did not go. I wish! but LOTS of new stuff was revealed including the new catalog which I got last week and passed out to all my gals! I even spiral bound mine and it makes me happy!

My wish list is pretty long (see all those tabs sticking out that mark the stuff I like?) A lot is from the accessory department. That stuff makes me happy. Good thing there is a SUPER great sale on some of the brand new sets and that will help the stamp budget for sure!

One really cool new toy (did I mention how much I love toys?) is the new BIG SHOT! Stampin Up! teamed up with Sizzix to make a machine that does big die cuts. And small ones too. But I like BIG! It is WAY cool! And I REALLY want one but may have to wait for Santa on that one. My first workshop with the new catalog will be the 29th and I am stoked to play with the new In-colors and papers! YUMMY!

Until then I suppose I will keep myself occupied on vacation. We are headed to Boothbay, Maine tomorrow and we stay for a week! Actually an island just off the Harbor and we will be camping. My in-laws are even coming to visit for a few days which will be so fun but they will stay at a hotel. My kids are bouncing (literally) with excitement.

School starts a week after we get back and Seminary the week after that. So things will be pretty busy. I am sorry if I don't blog much. I guess I should have just taken the summer off. Hopefully I can get back to my happy papercrafting soon. Hope you are enjoying your summer!